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HI! Welcome to my Vintage Audio Equipment Photos Page...

>>>>>> Comments / Suggestions are welcome <<<<<<

Here is a picture of my 4 Way Reference Speaker:

- ( Note the External Passive Network in the Perforated Black Box above it ).
Photo By: Steven L. Bender

Here is a picture of the primary designer of my Reference Speaker
( Bernie Grunwald, PE ):

- ( He worked on the Qt / VAS stuff, but I designed the External Passive Network ).
Photo By: Bernard A. Grunwald

Here is a picture of the: {Hafler/Keroes} Acrosound Stereo 120 UltraLinear Amplifier:

Photo By: Steven L. Bender

Here is a picture of the Dynaco Stereo 120 Amplifier:

Photo By: Steven L. Bender

Here is a picture of the Dynaco A-25 Speaker:

Photo By: Steven L. Bender

Hi ! Over the past few months, I've uncovered several very interesting variationss in the Danish Import Speaker - the original Dynaco A-25...

I owned a pair of these back in the early 1970's. I owned them three times, I tried other speakers, but kept coming back to the A-25's again and again ( long story ).

Anyway, back in December, 1996 I was doing some computer consulting and visiting down in Virginia, and I happened across a pair of A-25's, selling for exactly the same price I paid in the 1970's ( guess it was a high priced store ).

That memory stirring within me, a month or so later, I bought a pair from a fellow in Louisiana ( at a somewhat more reasonable price ).

Two months later - I came across another pair. The Funny Thing Is - the differences. The first pair had tweeters on the right of center ( as shown in the above picture ) while the second set, had them left of center !

Under close scrutiny, I also found that a positioning variation of the tweeter - relative to the front wood panel... The unit in the above picture, a Right Tweeter type, is NOT recessed within a beveled edge. But, the tweeter in the other similar speaker is !

In any case, the plane of the tweeter on the beveled edged unit is recessed more than 1/4" below the baffle board's wood surface.

AS far as I've seen, speakers with the Tweeter on the Left Side have no beveled edge, and are simply cut down about about 1/8", below the front panel board.

So with respect to the Woofer-Tweeter Time-Alignment, and Woofer/Tweeter phase interactions, some variations are likely ( whether this can be heard or detected is another question ). Questions as to Baffle Surface Reflection effects, diffraction effects, well I suspect the difference would be minor. I'm sure there are bound to be some minor differences between these various A-25 types, as the tweeter is mounted more forward in some than in others.

Then again, I'm not sure if consecutively serial numbered units were manufactured in Mirrored Imaged Pairs, but pairs that I've seen, tended to be Like Pairs with the same tweeter position.

Does anyone have two consecutively numbered A-25 speakers who can verify / refute this ???

I'd certainly be interested in hearing from people with pairs of Dynaco A-25's, to find out if they have Mirror Imaged Pairs or Like Pairs, and how their tweeters are mounted, etc. etc. ...

:-) Steven L. Bender

Here is a picture of the Scott 222C Integrated Amp:

Photo By: Steven L. Bender

Here is a picture of the Sansui SD-7000 R-R Tape Deck, circa 1971:

The SD-7000 is a fairly rare animal, and its a really nice R-R deck, but its heads are wearing, and it never made great recordings, but its playback was always superb.

I also have three other R-R's, a Teac A-4070 that I use almost every day; an Akai GX-230D which is also a very nice unit, and an Ampex AX-300 which I loaned to a friend some four years ago, and is coming home soon.

I am putting more pictures up, of R-R Decks other than the ones I own, some of which I've gotten from some eBay auctions, and on the web. If you notice a picture you took, my apologies for not giving credit, most links were lost, and so the original people's names are unknown to me, I've put these on other pages, the first being the AKAI Page...

I'd certainly be interested in hearing from other R-R people with interesting decks, and/or experiences

Photo By: Steven L. Bender

Here is a page dedicated to AKAI Reel to Reel Tape Decks, circa 1960 - 1980

This link will take you to the Akai Page

Here is a ( rather old... old... old... picture of my Test Bench:

Photo By: Steven L. Bender

This page is under construction ( Like software, the job is never done!....)
Last Update - 08-17-2000 3:30 AM.

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