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HI! Welcome to my AKAI REEL TO REEL'S Photo's Page...

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Originally I posted this with the quintessential question "Is this a Sony?" I soon learned it was indeed an Ampex ATR-102 Studio Stereo Tape Deck...

HA.HA.HA! Is it a Sony ??? So... the girlie is Erika Eleniak recognize her ???

Picture is courtesy of "I posted that on the Ampex list in a link to my ftp site where I had uploaded it. I put that picture together in Photoshop as a goof. (I never did get around to giving Erika her feet)." - Marc Stager

And here is the original, for those who care...

And since I thought the tape deck was a SONY for a while ( doesn't it look just like the Sony APR-5003 from a distance... ) or were you not really paying that much attention to the machine ? So here are some Vintage Sony Reel to Reels:

TC-300 - 1960's Tape Recorder with Tube Amplifiers, Speakers and wings :-).

Say, this set looks just like the TR-521 down below doesn't it ??? As far as I can see the TC-300 doesn't have the voltage adjustment selector switch on the rear control panel, it does have the hum balance controls. fuse, and other assorted goodies, but it is otherwise identical, the 300 also was available without the case and its 4 x 6" speakers, so one could do a custom installation... Here's a shot of one of the side speakers:

And the TC-300's rear connection panel ( note the Sony/Superscope label where the TC-521 below has the AC Voltage selector ):


TR-521 - 1960's Tape Recorder w/6 Watt tube amps and 4x6" speakers The power rating of these 1960's units is as per the inflated rating standards of the day. Actually it had a single-ended 6AQ5 output tube, and was only likely about 2 Watts per channel before it became rather highly distorted.


TR-600 (Another mid-1960's Tape Recorder w/tube amps and 4x6" speakers)









APR5003 Studio Deck

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