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The BENDER line of Rebuild Amplifiers.

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To order one of the ULT Amplifier Rebuild Kits, an Audio Technical Manual or a Test Equipment Technical Manual, Tubes, Semiconductors, Bizarro Audio Cables, Video Tapes Computer Software, or other Custom Made items ( such as a custom wired or custom size adapter cables for the Uher 4400; or Audio Interconnect Cables; Duplicated EPROM Chips, etc. ) or other items which need to be made up to your own specifications, please check for pricing information on their respective pages, then Email me using the link provided below:
Email to:

To check the general availability of any particular item, please include your mailing address. In some cases a flat fee for the shipping of smaller, lightweight items is stated on its web page. When multiple items are involved, or if the destination is outside of the North American Continent, shipping charges can become much higher than simple domestic rates. So, please detail your destination for the items in your inquiry.

After verifying the item is available, the rapid and secure method of payment is use of a: Pay Pal Account, simply email the payment. If you'd like to set up a Pay Pal Account go to:
This Pay Pal Link

After reading the Paypal info, you can sign up and quickly Email your payment. This is the fastest method of getting an order placed and sent out to you.

However, if you would prefer to send a Check or Money Order, it will be necessary to Email me, detailing the item of interest, to check availability, and to get my Mailing Address in order to send in your payment.

Usually, Personal or Company Checks will delay shipment by about two weeks, while a Money Order traversing the mail will experience a delay about one week. This applies if the item is available and does not need to be specially tailored or made up to your specifications. International Customers will have to either send in an International Money Order drawn on a US Bank, or US Currency, carefully enclosed in a letter, or use of a bank account here in the USA, if you have one.

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