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Known WWW Tube and Audio Internet Sites

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  • Vacuum Tube Links

  • Audio Tube Data
  • Electron Tube Information
  • FCTG's Old Radio Valve/Tube Page
  • Hello, Mister Valve!
  • Vacuum Tubes Characteristics and Data Directory
  • Vacuum Tube Data
  • Vacuum Tube for Beginners
  • The Vacuum Tube Page

    Articles on Tubes

  • Audio Tube Substitutions for the '90s
  • Generating X Rays with Receiving Tubes
  • How Tubes Work
  • Soft-Start for Power Tubes
  • Tubes Versus Transistors - Is There an Audible Difference?
  • Tubes vs. Transistors
  • Understand the Long Time Debate on Tubes vs. Solid State
  • The Vacuum Tube Renaissance


  • Blue Glow in Tubes FAQ
  • sci.electronics FAQ: Vacuum Tube Books
  • The Vacuum Tube FAQ

    FTP Sites

  • Valves or Vacuum Tubes and Audio FTP Area

  • Geissler Tubes Link updated 12/96
    • Here's some interesting vacuum tube history, of a neon-like device popular after spark transmitters became widespread. Great Stuff.
  • Here's the General FAQ,
  • Their Radio FAQ,
  • The Sci.electronics FAQ on vacuum tube availability,
  • And the Mullard Guide to the Valve Numbering scheme!

    Tube Companies - They still make Tubes!

    ( Heavy Endorsement Implied, Dudes !!! )

    Commercial radio is 100!

    Computing is 50!

    ENIAC: Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer.

    In WW II, a 'computer' was a person who computed; in this case artillery firing tables for the Army. The computers couldn't compute fast enough. Some guys at UPenn decided that valves could do it faster. They could. ENIAC powered up in 1946, too late for the war, but the Army used it anyway. It also made the first computer weather forecasts.

    ENIAC was decimal (used fewer valves, you see), and it had no RAM (not invented yet). Even so, computers have had wires instead of neurons ever since.

    Hoist a brew to ENIAC, and people who computed with warm, glass bottles. Cheers, guys!

    Philo T. Farnsworth

    • The Farnsworth Chronicles
      I'm glad this incredible story is finally on the Web. Philo T. Farnsworth thought up his image dissector, the first electronic TV camera tube, at the age of 14, in rural Utah, in 1922. He went on, more or less, to invent modern television. As always, the suits tried to eat the technogeeks for lunch. The years of litigation delayed TV's development until VietNam was the living room war instead of WORLD WAR II.

      Plenty of historic tube gear for gawking -- a good page!

    • Tube
      A big, expensive, but apparently definitive book on TV history, with Philo and all the rest of 'em.

    Where You Might Find 'Em

    • RF types check this warning on imported 811As.
    Margules Audio

    Klipsch Professional (Pro Audio and Cinema Loudspeakers)

    Tara Labs (premier Audio Cable manufacturer)

    Naim Audio

    Michell Engineering

    A-16 Audio

    Minnesota Audio Labs

    Von Schweikert Research


    C&C Music-Manufacturers of CDs and Cassettes

    Balanced Audio Technology

    Meyer Sound

    DECWARE High-Performance Audio

    Cliffhanger Audio Systems

    Nirvana Audio

    Audio Concepts, Inc. (ACI)

    Eminent Technology

    Klipsch, Inc. (currently dead?)

    Bryston Audio

    Ayre Acoustics

    Dolby Laboratories, Inc.



    Newform Research

    Hayes Audio: Loudspeakers using 'Fractal Acoustic' Techniques

    Linn Products

    Sonic Frontiers

    Blue Circle Audio (Canada)


    Category: High End Dealers

    Michael Green Audio/Video Designs

    Hi Notes

    HiFi Centre (Canada)

    Audio Odyssey

    Category: Music Services/Labels

    Telarc International

    Black Dahlia Music

    Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

    Chesky Records

    Windham Hill Records

    Delos Records

    Hyperion Records

    Raven On-Line(Organ Music)

    Organ Recordings

    Classic Records

    DawgNet - Home of Acoustic Disc Records

    Chameleon Dream Records

    Category: Record Stores/Music Purchasing Info

    The Music Room

    Nods Vinyl International

    The Audio Shopper

    The LP Lover's Guide to San Francisco

    Category: Publications

    UHF Magazine

    "The Absolute Sound" Home Page

    Audio Ideas Guide

    CYBERFi magazine (updated each Friday)

    Tube Amp and Music Electronics Newsletter

    "Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity" (newsletter)

    Category: Vacuum Tube Resources

    Gold Aero Premier source for vacuum tubes

    Sovtek A source for Russian tubes.

    The Vacuum Tube Audio Page A lot of useful info on tube hifi.

    Blackie's Vacuum tube page

    Evacuated Envelopes valve amp magazine. Recently revived!

    Category: Parts, Kits and DIY Info

    Tubes Done Right - DIY projects

    Joe Curcio Curcio Audio Engineering (Kits)

    DIY speaker project by Dan Hildebrand

    The Speaker Building Page

    Bass and DIY Loudspeakers Archives

    A DIY amplifier project

    Yet another DIY amplifier project

    A DIY speaker project

    Information on using Dynaudio speakers in DIY projects

    DIY DAC project by SDS Labs

    Welborne Labs (SE tube amp kits)

    Richard Ho's Tube Kits Page

    Category: Discussion Groups

    Category: Internet Resources/Search Engines

    A Handy Audio 'Link Farm'

    audiomap (German)




    Digital's Alta Vista


    Audio Trader

    Yahoo Audio Links


    The Audio Page

  • One of the best all-around audio resources on the 'Net.

    World of Audio

    Audio and Acoustics Links (updated monthly)

    High End Audio Homepage

    Category: Professional/Industry Groups

    Audio Engineering Society

    IEEE Home Page

    Consumer Electronics Show News

    The Consumer Electronics Cyberspace Companion

    Federal Communications Commission

    Category: Informational Sites

    Enjoy the Music Home Page

    KZSU Record Labels on the Web

    Ambisonic Surround Sound

    Analogue Addicts Archive

    A list of Audio related BBS numbers

    ELP Laser Turntable (LPs played with a laser)

    THX Home Page

    Electrostatic Loudspeakers

    The Horn Speaker Home Page

    Bascom King's article on digital jitter

    Audio-related Technical Papers

    The Voodoo of CD Mastering

    SoundStage (discussion on high-end audio)

    Category: Other Services

    Loudspeaker Services Plus!

    Digital Domain's Home Page


    fido.ger.hifi(in German) Norwegian) Russian) Finnish)

    tw.bbs.rec.audiophile(in Chinese)

    Category: Non-English Sites

    The High End Line

    Audio Performance (Argentina)

    Audio Espresso (Portuguese)

    Category: Beyond Audiooooo...

    Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Association

    Internet Music Videos (NAMS International)

    Alamo Instruments/Western Musical Instruments

    San Francisco Science Exploratorium

    Headroom: Headphone Info

    Philips Virtual Disk

    National Public Radio

    The Bellingham Antique Radio Museum

    Category: Speakers & Drivers - Sources

  • Madisound sells Audax, Vifa, Dynaudio, Scan-Speak, Eton, Peerless & Madisound drivers and has driver info on-line. Kits and crossover components too!
  • Just Speakers recently got on-line. Their product line includes Vifa, Dynaudio, Scan-Speak, Morel, Peerless, MB, Focal and a house brand. Kits & parts as well.
  • Human Speakers manufactures a line of small drivers and performs speaker repair.
  • Newform Research sells 8", 15" and 30" ribbon drivers (as well as entire systems).
  • ACI speaker kits
  • Orange County Speaker Inc specializes in stocking speaker repair and replacement parts by the truckload. Reconing, replacing, refoaming, or otherwise repairing.
  • Loudspeaker info

    • Dynaudio and MachMat speaker info on-line
    • Audax has a Web presence with data on their drivers and plans for their Vance Dickason designed kits.
    • Data and specs on the Carver ribbon drivers available to amateurs at ~$450US apiece
    • The DIY Loudspeakers mailing list (formerly known of as the Bass and DIY Loudspeaker list) has a new homepage w/lots of good stuff.
    • The Speaker Building Page is an excellent source for the amateur speaker builder. It includes driver specs, software, crossover formulae and even a selection of projects. If you get a DNS error, try again or try here or here.
    • The NHT1259 FAQ: Designed by Ken Kantor of NHT, this 12" is quite possibly the best sub-woofer available to the DIY-er.
    • Brian Steele's subwoofer design page
    • Looking Over My Shoulder by Lynn Olson: An article that appeared in Positive Feedback and was made available on the net. A great article on loudspeaker design.
    • What's in a dB? a FAQ on the decibel.

    Electronics Parts and Audio Kit Retailers

    • DigiKey has an excellent site up that allows you to view their catalog and search for availability and pricing on parts. For those who don't know DigiKey, all I can say is you should.
    • Mouser is now fully on-line as well
    • Sonic Frontiers Inc. Premium parts and kits
    • Welborne Labs has excellent kits by Kimmel, Welborne & Borbely and a wide selection of premium parts.
    • Curcio Audio Engineering Kits by Joe Curcio. High-end preamps, a crossover & a DAC. Heavy on tubes.
    • Marchand Electronics Inc. Seller of high-quality affordable kits. Well known for their active crossovers.
    • Angela Instruments sells Audio Note kits & parts geared toward tube equipment
    • OPAMP Labs sells a number of plug-in modules (filters, power-amps, preamps, etc).
    • Electronix Express is an equipemnt and component distributor aimed at supplying schools and colleges as well as industry. While their catalog isn't on-line, a number of specials are and you can order a free catalog online.
    • The Affordable High-End Audio company sells both complete amps and power-amp modules, and also has some introductory electronics information on-line.
    • Brendan Biever has a number of parts for sale listed on his web-page. Tubes, transistors, caps, resistors, etc.
    • A list of electronic compoent suppliers including new and surplus in HTML. Compiled by John Woods. The most current version is here text-only.
    • The BENDER line of D.I.Y. Kits for rebuilding the Dynaco Stereo-120 Power Amplifiers. The Home page includes up-to-date info on the following Stereo Amps: BENDER-120.ULT, the Ultralinear Transistor redesign / BENDER-3v. a Single Ended Triode redesign, and BENDER-2pp. a Push-Pull Pentode power amplifer ( The latter recently appeared as a three part series in
    • "Nuts & Volts" Magazine in the February, March, April, 1997 issues )
    • Since resources for the DIY audio crowd overlaps quite a bit with those of the ham-radio crowd here's a link to a "ham" FTP site.

    Audio Test Equipment

    • Liberty Instruments makes the IMP, IMP/M and LAUD measurement gear & software for the PC platform. The IMP and IMP/M (MLS version of the IMP) were featured in Speaker Builder a few years ago. I personally use the IMP/M system.
    • An inexpensive measurement mic by an AES club based on the D'Appolito's Mighty Mike.
    • LinearX, makers of LEAP, LMS, FilterCAD and the pcRTA have a homepage complete with demos of their products.

    Electronic Parts Companies

    All these sites make data sheets available to users and are an incredibly useful. Many also have supplemental application notes and device models. For example, ever want to know how to use the LM12 80W op-amp from National? Most sites use the Adobe Acrobat format for their data sheets. If you don't have a viewer (or plug-in for Netscape 2.0 95 or NT), you can download Acrobat for free.

    Other Electronics Resources



    • Dylan Kelly, maintainer of the DIY Loudspeakers mailing list has put together the Audio Software Archive, aimed mainly at loudspeaker design and placement.
    • True Image Audio has demos of their Windows 95 and Mac-based speaker design toolbox software (WinSpeakerz95 and MacSpeakerz) available.
    • Juha Hartikainen has a box design in Java page up for closed, vented, 4th & 6th order bandpass boxes.
    • Audua Inc. has an alpha version of SpeakerWorkshop for Windows95. It appears to cover design, modeling and measurement functions.
    • KB Acoustics has released a demo of Visual Ears, a package designed to model room effects.
    • Ivex software. Free demo of their PCB and schematic software
    • Best Proto offers a free demo of their PCB software as well
    • The Electrical Engineering Circuits Archive as its name would suggest is a collection of useful circuits. The archive also contains SPICE models and computer software.
    • U Alberta has an FTP site containing their Circuit Cookbook Archives and an excellent selection of software (PSPICE 6.0, PADS, etc) and SPICE models.
    • The PSPICE v6.2a evaluation package is available here for DOS and Windows.
    • Of course, the current versions of PSPICE can be found on MicroSim's homepage
    • For DOS and Windows platforms, major sites like SimTel and WUArchive (which mirrors SimTel and a number of other major software repositories) have a number of useful packages. For example:
    • The best source for PADS schematic and PCB layout I've found is the PADS Software homepage. They've got a newer version than most of the standard archives.
    • A short C program to generate sine waves digitally

    Projects On-Line

    Usenet Newsgroups

    Research - Related Pages

    More Pages with extensive Audio Links