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Steven L. Bender's Home Page with Information on:

The BENDER line of Rebuild Amplifier Kits.

Hi! and Thanks for droppin' by...


Go to: The BENDER Amplifiers 
- Background and Introduction Page

Tech Specs / Info on Bender-120.ULT Amplifier Rebuild Kits.

Go to: The BENDER Level 3a Amplifier 
- $200. off Permanent Price Reduction... details...

Go to: !@@! The long awaited BENDER Level 3a Amplifier Upgrade Options 
- Final. Details as of August, 2000

!@@! Details on how to order items !@@!

The Bender-120.ULT Amplifier Reviews are finally coming in... !@@!

!@@! Citation UPDATE! - The Bender-Citation 12.ULT Power Amplifier Rebuild Beta Test Kits are all sent May, 2003. !@@!

!@@! Citation UPDATE! - The First Review of the Bender-Citation 12.ULT Power Amplifier Rebuild Kit has come in. !@@!

!@@! The UPDATED Bender Comment Pages! - Thoughts and Comments on: Amps, Testing, and Reel to Reel Repairs...

Akai RTR SERVO-FIX Kit & !@@! "NEW" Akai SYSCON Rebuild Kits - Now Available!


HAND-MATCHED 2SC458 Transistor-Kits for Akai Reel to Reels! CURRENT AVAILABILITY!

Tech Specs and Pricing on Uher 4400 the 8 Pin Ring-Lock DIN to XLR Microphone Adapter Cables; and 5 Pin DIN to Stereo RCA's, Line Level Interconnects for Sale.

Tech Specs on RCA-RCA Bizarro / Bizarro II Cables for Sale.

List & Pricing of: Vintage Audio Equipment Manuals for Sale.

View List of: NOS U.S. and Japanese Semiconductors for Sale.

View list of - Vacuum Tubes for Sale.

View list of - Computer Hardware for Sale.

View list of - Computer Software for Sale.

View List of - Audio Equipment / Misc Items for Sale or Trade.

View list of - Original Technical Video Tapes 
( VHS ) For Sale.

Listing of Book Projects / Published Books 
and Published Technical Articles

The Hearing Audio System [ HAS ]: 
- Background Information and Photo [ circa 1982 ]

Gallery of Photos: Vintage Audio Equipment

Gallery of Photos: The Akai Vintage Reel to Reel Photo Pages

!@@! "NEW" Akai Reel to Reel: Dates and Detail Summary Pages

Alternate Breast Cancer Research - Information Page on:

The ABCR History and Theories

First Page of WWW Audio Related Links 
{ Big: 40Kb of Links }

Second Page of Extended WWW Audio Links 
{ Bigger: 110Kb of Links }

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Steven L. Bender

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