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HI! Welcome to my AKAI REEL TO REEL Photo Pages...

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I repair the later Akai's ( also Sansui and Pioneer Reel Machines ).

In the course of repairing and restoring many later Akai Reel to Reel Machines, my first universal 'fix' was the Servo-Fix Kit. There were just too many similar failures in the Servo System that afflicted many of the later GX Series Akai's. Now the last Akai RTR made was the GX-77, which also suffered from its own unique sets of failures and problems. To answer the need for a general and relatively inexpensive cure and fix for several known GX-77 problems, I am providing the GX-77 SLOW REW/FF Fix-Kit, which fixes three problems inherent in early GX-77 sets.

This product The GX-77 SLOW REW/FF Fix-Kit should fix the inherent electrical cause of slow rewind and fast forward speeds, that some users would ordinarily attribute to 'slack belts' but then find out that new belts don't help at all. Affecting only the GX-77 among all of Akai's RTR machines, this kit requires some diassembly and quite a bit of soldering of the new parts onto four different printed circuit boards inside the set.

Installation of this kit, requires about two hours work, and de-soldering of old parts and resoldering of replacment parts; also spare fuses are included as it may also be necessary to replace blown GMA type fuses in the unit.

The GX-77 SLOW RE/FF Fix-Kit comes with three page descriptive of the Service Bulletins with pictorials and text covering eight revisions, error corrections, and trouble repairs. My Fix-Kit addresses the three of those items which are electrical 'trouble repairs'. My Fix-Kit includes better-than-the-original repair parts, repairing the three commonly seen electrical problems. At the time of this announcement, no 'step by step repair' pages havebeen written. So this is sort of a 'pre-order situation'.

Once the 'step by step repair' pages are completed, the first kits will be sent out. Note: no gear, cams, or other replacement mechanical parts are currently available for the GX-77. So if the set jams on loading tape, or has 'thrown a gear' my SLOW REW/FF Fix-Kit will have zero effect on that. This kit is for the Akai GX-77 only, and is not applicable to the GX-255, or other sets which can also have a similar type of problem.

The cost of the GX-77 SLOW REW/FF Fix-Kit is $35.usd including shipping in the continental US/Canada. Add $5. for International shipping. For orders paid for by Paypal... add $1. extra to cover fees. Use email addresses: to make Paypal payments.
Order you GX-77 Repair Kit today, they should be shipping out in several weeks.
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