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HI! Welcome to my Akai Reel to Reel Photo Collection...

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I recently divided my COMMENTS Page, into several smaller pages, due to bandwidth limitations and extended loading times. Thus the same information which was previously on one extended length page (which was approaching 200 KB of text) was using up lots of bandwidth to load and display, has been broken up into many smaller pages all of them less than 25 KB. I suspect the former page was partly responsible for my website being de-activated, after it exceeding its daily quota of bandwidth a few times during the past year....

If you find these COMMENTS, the Akai Reel to Reel Dates and Detail Pages, or my Akai Photo History pages to be particularly instructional, informative, and useful, as most people have stated after reviewing my site, it would be greatly appreciated if you could PAYPAL me a dollar, or two dollars, to help out, as I soon will need to pay for these web sites, and the backup sites, the next time I expand their content, size and level of bandwidth. Of course, if you feel you would rather contribute to the ABCR Breast Cancer Research Project, that is OK too. Either way, a Paypal Payment should be sent to: or or only.

This is a Chronological Set of Audio Knowledge and COMMENTS. The higher number pages are the more recent ones; and each page contains five or six stories, questions with answers, and/or comments. Keeping the page size small, they both load fast, and also conserve bandwidth. To see the most recent information, just jump to the last page. Currently divided into 16 sub-pages, choose which COMMENTS Page to attend now:

Go to: Audio Amplifier COMMENTS Page

About Amplifiers #1

"Nelson Pass Mod of Citation 12"

"Dynaco Stereo 120"

"Back at it ... Rebuilding the H/K Citation 12"



"RT-909" and EE Tape"


"Slow down the playback speed on Dokorder"

"Recently purchased an Akai X-1800SD on Ebay"

"Looking for a reel to reel recorder/player deck"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #10-14 Page

"Dokorder 1140 4-track is giving me fits"

"Looking to purchase a portable reel-to-reel"

"Revox A77/B77 1/4 track alignment"

"Bought a 7030 GSL"

"Akai GX-635D Remote Control"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #15-19 Page

"RT-707 tape deck, no switch for the 110 60HZ to 230 50HZ available"

"Akai X-1800SD lists a 15ips adaptor kit"

"Sony TC 200 Stereo reel to reel portable ... hardly any sound "

"Akai 635D Reel to Reel ... it plays the 10 inch reels"

"Looking For A Pinch Roller For An Akai gx 625"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #20-24 Page

"Akai GX-646"

"Akai 635d Problem"

"AKAI 1730D-SS Problem"

"Tandberg 9200XD Problem"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #25-29 Page

"Question reguarding the Akai GX-635D reel to reel tape deck"

"Akai GX365"

"I am not sure what to do now, nuances of analog tape, inherited an Akai -150D" /B>

"TDK GX 35 90B tape, dirty shed"

"Saving Sony Sticky-Shed Tapes!"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #30-34 Page

"More Info on Saving Sony Sticky-Shed Tapes!"

"MORE: Saving Sony Sticky-Shed Tapes!"

"Pioneer RT-909 reel to reel Problem"

"I need blank 4 track recording tapes"

"How often you can erase a good tape..."

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #35-39 Page

"Volume Control for Akai reel to reel getting real scratchy"

"Enjoyed looking over your site, 1800D SS I beleve it may need belts..."

"AKAI 635D"

"Frequency problem with GX-635D, fixing ... adjusting, using Null Adapter"

"Question about AKAI, What microphone should I have and where do I get it from? Do I need Preamp or other equipment?"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #40-44 Page

"Akai GX-255D, glitches, what to look out for"

"EE Position Tapes"

"Akai GX-365D, failures"

"Bias, and other adjustments"

"GX-270D, Voltage converter, output control"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #45-49 Page

"GX-266D Problems"

"Repair GX-400D"

"Deep Bass Cross Talk"

"Question about Akai GX-77 - Sound plays backwards in reverse mode"

"RT-909 Repair"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #50-54 Page

"Reel to Reel Head Question"

"Spare Part for Akai GX-77"

"Akai GX-266D Problems"

"Akai GX-265D Question"

"Akai GX-630D Service Manual - Technical Questions"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #55-59 Page

"Tandberg 6x Speed Issue"

"Akai GX-265D"

"Akai X-Series Tape Deck"

"Sony TC-730 Recorder"

"Dokorder Gets Hot!"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #60-64 Page

"Fix and Adjust the Akai GX-266D"

"Re: Akai GX-747 dbx"

"[Studer] A810 transport control quirks"

"Still Here - Pioneer RT-909 Problem"

"Revox B77mkII Problem...make me crazy!!!! :("

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #65-69 Page

"Akai GX-747 dbx Counter Problem"

"Questions on Roberts 778x/Akai X-1800SD"

"Questions on Teac R-110"

"Technics RS-1506 Channel Loss"

"Fair Price on Akai GX-255 ?"

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #70-75 Page

"Maxell Leader Tape on 10" Reels"

"Akai GX-365D and Tape Problems"

"RT-909 Take-up Motor Gets Hot... and Tape Torque Measurement Adjustments"

"What's a Good Reel to Reel to Buy ?"

"RT-909 Hot Motor Revisited..."

Go to: REEL-TO-REEL COMMENTS #76-80 Page

"GX-255 Power Failure"

"Akai 360D Capstan Motor"

"Technics RS-1700 Record Problems"

"GX-747 Motor Power Cap"

"Akai GX-365D Pause Button"

MORE CHOICES: Go to: The Akai Servo-Fix Page

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