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The Bender-120.ULT Level 3a and Level 3 Amplifer Kits

now cost $200. less just prior to the Holiday Season.

You can get it for less... your ears will tell you it is the sonic bargain of the century, now, your wallet says it hurts much less. Compares to amplifiers costing several times it price. And if the reviews don't convince you - well, you will have to simply listen for yourself.

( No fine print, just $200. off, good until forever... Paypal, Check, MO. only! Paypal fee's do apply, add $15. if sending a Paypal Payment to:

The Rules of the $200. Off Sale: Pay Less.

None of that nasty Rebate nonsense, simply PAY LESS $$$ ! Usual shipping charges will apply. No products will ship until checks clear, use of a MO is suggested.

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