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HI! Welcome to my Akai Reel To Reel Dates and Details Page...

(picture on the left) Steven L. Bender, (picture on the right) is Frank Oomen

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These Akai reel to reel Dates and Details Pages are a joint effort between Frank Oomen, in The Netherlands, and myself ( I made additions and corrections ). Franks own wonderful Akai Pages are located at:

You can also send an email to Frank Oomen Here

Courtesy of Dave Hutton, Frank Oomen, and myself - The following is believed to be a complete Akai Reel to Reel model listing mostly in Numerical and Series Order:

1700, 1710, 1710W, 1710L, 1720W, 1721L, 1721W, 1722II, 1722W, 1725, 1730D-SS, 1730-SS, 1800D-SS, 1800L, 1800-SS, 202D-SS.

250D, 280D-SS, 3000D, 33D and R220, 345, 4000D, 4000DB, 4000DB Black Face, 4000D-PRO, 4000DS, 4000DS mkI, 4000DS mkII, 4000DS mkII Black Face.

4400 Convert-A-Deck, 4400D, 4440D, 44D, 44D Silver, 44S, 707, 900, 903, 910.

AT1, AT2 (not sure about this one).

GX-1810, GX-1810D, GX-1820, GX-1820D, GX-1900, GX-1900D.

GX-210D, GX-215D, GX-220, GX-220D, GX-221, GX-221D, GX-225D, GX-230, GX-230D, GX-255, GX-255 Black Face, GX-255 Japan, GX-260D Blue Meters, GX-260D Black Meters, GX-265D, GX-266D, GX-266II, GX-266II Japan, GX-267D, GX-270D, GX-270D-SS, GX-280D, GX-280D-SS, GX-285D, GX-286D, GX-286DB, GX-297D-SS.

GX-365, GX-365D, GX-370D.

GX-400D Blue Meters, GX-400D Yellow Meters, GX-400D-PRO, GX-400D-PRO (2 Piece), GX-400D-SS Blue Meters, GX-400D-SS Yellow Meters.

GX-4000D, GX-4000D Black Face, GX-4400D, GX-4440D.

GX-600D, GX-600DB, GX-600D-PRO, GX-620, GX-620 w/Pitch Control, GX-620 Black Face, GX-625, GX-625 Black Face, GX-625 Japan, GX-630D, GX-630DB, GX-630D-PRO, GX-630D-SS, GX-635D w/Holes, GX-635D No Holes, GX-635D Black Face, GX-635DB, GX-635D Black Face, GX-636, GX-636DB, GX-646, GX-646 Black Face, GX-650D.

GX-747, GX-747 Black Face, GX-747dbx, GX-747dbx Black Face, GX-77, GX-77 Black Face.

GX-M11, GX-M11D, M-4, M-5, M-6, M-7, M-7SE, M-8, M-9, M-9 woodenCabinet, M-10.

PRO-1000 ( 2 Piece ).

ST-1 silver, ST-1 black, Standard Terecorder, Stereo DeLuxe (half-side) (and several derivatives of the base unit), Terecorder (mini), Terecorder Deluxe.

X-IV Blue, X-IV Black, X-V.

X-100D, X-150D, X-165D, X-1800D, X-1800SD, X-1810, X-1810D, X-2000S, X-2000SD, X-200D, X-201D, X-300, X-330, X-330D, X-355, X-355D, X-360, X-360D, 360DS, 5000, 5000W.

Many of the mid-1970 models such as the GX-400D can have either a real walnut veneered on the wood case, or a realistic walnut simulated plastic on the wood case, often its difficult to tell which is which, except that over time, the plastic covered one tends to creep and scrunch up around the top heat vents.

I recently divided my Akai Details and Dates Page, into several smaller pages, due to bandwidth limitations and extended loading time; the same information which was previously on one extended page (which was approaching 100 KB of text) was getting rather large and using up lots and lots of bandwidth to load and display. This has been broken up into smaller pages most are less than 20 KB. in size. I suspect the former page was partly responsible for my website being de-activated, after it exceeding its daily quota of bandwidth a few times during the past year....

If you find these Akai Reel to Reel Detail Pages, the Akai Photo History pages or my COMMENTS pages contain the type of instructional, informative, and useful information, as most people have stated after reviewing my site, it would be greatly appreciated if you could PAYPAL me a dollar, or two dollars, to help out, as I soon will need to pay for these web sites, and the backup sites, the next time I expand their content, size, and level of bandwidth. Of course, if you feel you would rather contribute to the ABCR Breast Cancer Research Project, that is OK too. Either way, a Paypal Payment should be sent to: or only.

This is the first of several pages with Akai date information and history of Reel to Reel machines, divided by Series. This sub-division keeps the page size small so they load fast, and conserve bandwidth. Currently divided into 12 sub-pages, choose which Dates and Details Page to attend now:

Go to: Akai M Series Page

The M series (ca. 1960-1973)

Go to: Akai 1700 Series Page

The 1700 series (ca. 1966-1977)

Go to: Akai 1800-1900, 2000 Series Page

The 1800, 1900, 2000 series (ca. 1969-1975)

Go to: Akai 3000, 4000, 5000 Series Page

The 3000, 4000, 5000 series (ca. 1965-1982)

Go to: Akai X Series Page

The X series (ca. 1965-1976)

Go to: Akai 200 Series Page

The GX-210D, GX-215D, GX-220D, GX-221D, GX-225D, GX-230D, 250D, GX-260D, GX-265D, GX-266D, GX-266II, GX-267D, GX-270D, GX-280D, GX-280D-ss, GX-285D, GX-286DB, GX-297D-ss (ca. 1970-1978)

Go to: Akai 300 Series Page

The X-300, X-330D, GX-365, GX-365D, GX-370D (ca. 1965-1974)

Go to: Akai 400 Series Page

The GX-400D, GX-400D-PRO, GX-400D-ss (ca. 1973-1976)

Go to: Akai 600 Series Page

GX-600D/D-PRO/DB, GX-620D, GX-630D, GX-635D/DB, GX-636/DB, GX-646, GX-650D (ca. 1975-1984)

Go to: Akai 700 Series Page

The GX-77, GX-747, and GX-747dbx (ca. 1982-1984)

Go to: Akai Surround Sound Series Page

202D-ss, 280D-SS, GX-280D-SS, GX-297D-SS, GX-270D-SS, GX-400D-ss, GX-630D-SS (ca. 1972-1976)

Go to: Akai Remote Boxes Page

Akai Remote Boxes


Go to: The Akai Servo-Fix Page
Go to: Akai Reel to Reel Manuals Page
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