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HI! Welcome to my AKAI REEL TO REEL'S Photo's Page...

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Here is a a truly unique set, the Akai PRO-1000, I've never seen one of these in the flesh, but it is hardly a "home machine". As the closeup of the heads shows, it is a 2 Track ( as opposed to the usual 1/4 Track head configuration ), and every bit a GX machine, with a full track erase head, and Studio Quality. But, there are four heads here, right ? If you look at the surfaces, the three heads on the right appear to be a full track erase, and then normal 1/2 Track Record and Play heads. OK, now look at the thickened guard band in the center of the head on the far Left. Strange huh ? I'm guessing that's a 1/4 Track Play head, I recall that the Technics 1500/1506 had some arrangement like that, a 1/4 Track Play head to provide for Play compatibility with the quite prevalent 1/4 Track tapes of the day...

Note the huge VU meters and the imposing look of a Mastering Tape Deck.

These last three pix take a long time to load, sorry!

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